Weekend bliss in Shoreditch

17 March, 2015

Last Saturday we set out exploring the Shoreditch scene, firstly to find a potential brick and mortar home for our handbags and secondly, to enjoy one of the first sunny days in London. Bliss!

Walking down some of the streets that inspired the names of CRU’s collection, such as Rivington Street, we found the most amazing store, Aubin & Wills or these days known as Barber & Parlour, on Redchurch Street. As the name would suggest it is a barbershop and beauty parlour thrown into one, however in reality it is so much more. It is also a home store, cinema and restaurant/bar all set within a charming old redbrick apartment block. Simply amazing! It’s very retro and alternative, being trendy but somewhat raw around the edges. Sound familiar in any way? We think it’s also a very befitting description of CRU.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch there at the bar; their grilled salmon fillets are an absolute must-try. The perfect weekend brunch.

As tempting as it was to try out one of their treatments in the beauty salon upstairs - perhaps a quick and cheerful manicure – and a quick haircut down with the barber, we felt it was best left to another time. After all, the agenda for the day was to conduct business research not daydream the day away. Next time!

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