Simple & rustic hanging baskets – The creative way of bringing country air to city life!

31 March, 2015

Given the earthy nature of CRU, it’s ethos firmly rooted in nature, simplicity and a streak of rebelliousness, we couldn’t resist drawing comparison between it and some über funky hanging baskets we came across the other day. You guessed it, within the process of some further business research. This time we found ourselves in Anthropologie on the infamous King’s Road in Chelsea, London.

Even though hanging baskets are not exactly a new invention, the image that is usually conjured up is that of a very dated, flamboyant metal basket rather than the simple, rustic clay pot-styled versions we laid our eyes on.

Perhaps being more attuned to how much we miss the country air and green space following our recent visit to rural Portugal, the idea immediately appealed to us to turn our stuffy London studio into an airy sanctuary filled with plants of all sorts. Surely that will be more conducive to a healthy, relaxed yet productive lifestyle.

Now, don’t you agree that simple, rustic and unpretentious is a much better alternative?

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