CRU London loves sustainable and eco-friendly design!  

09 October, 2015

CRU London prides itself on keeping things simple. In all respects.

We love the fact that our leather collection are entirely made from vegetable tanned leather hides sourced just down the road from our artisan’s studio in rural Portugal. It is almost close enough to be carried by hand from the tannery to the studio. Needless to say this greatly reduces our carbon footprint!

Whilst the use of any leather will never be the most environment friendly process, CRU London aims to minimise the harmful impact to the environment through choosing its suppliers and artisans carefully and responsibly, ensuring their processes are as eco-friendly as possible.

Vegetable tanned leather is the most eco-friendly leather available given that no harmful substances are produced throughout the tanning process and released into the environment.  The most common tanning process uses Chrome and acids instead of vegetable tannins, the first of which can be very harmful to the environment and the surrounding communities.

The use of vegetable tanned leather on the other hand, is not only the more environmentally friendly option, it is also the more favourable option to ensure an exceptionally high quality leather handbag which will last for many years to come. The vegetable tannins used to tan the leather reacts with our skin, the environment and natural wear and tear to produce a rich patina, texture and richer colour over time. In extent, it matures like a good wine, only getting better with age.

Another advantage of using vegetable tanned leather is that it offers some assurance that the leather has been treated by experienced craftsmen and helps to promote fair trade amongst skilled artisans. We at CRU London are very proud to be collaborating with a family of artisans in rural Portugal, skilled within the leather trade, to help support, promote and preserve a craft and trade which is slowly on the demise from modern society.

In addition to the superior leather being used throughout CRU London’s collection, careful consideration has also been taken to create timeless designs for its entire signature collection to ensure it is as stylish today as it is in 10 years’ time. Vegetable tanned leather on the outside, natural suede as an internal lining and rustic brass hardware.

We trust that these considerations will ensure that the entire collection age well to keep up with the eternal charm of the design.

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