Truly ethical. CRU London proudly supports fair trade and environmentally friendly practices.

12 November, 2015

CRU London works in a slightly different fashion to your standard production line. There are no conveyor belt processes, disgracefully long working hours or poor working conditions. Thankfully, very much the opposite.

Its artisan counterparts in Portugal work as a small family enterprise, working in a small team making sure to keep balanced working hours and healthy working conditions. It’s a simple production process whereby Renato does the leather cutting, Lena the stitching and Dina the stamping and hardware fitting.

What’s even better is the leather hides are vegetable tanned and only travel a few kilometres down the road from a local Portuguese tannery so the production carbon trail is kept to the bare minimum.

Through the close collaboration and partnership with its artisans, CRU London has played an important role in supporting a trade that is slowly dying out in much of Europe due to increasing competition for cheaper production costs (and unfair trade) further afield. It is proud to take a stand against this trend and become an active player to keep our European craftsmen alive and working within their vocations; keep them doing what they love and maintain the rich heritage of leatherworkers in Portugal.

CRU London's signature collection is thereby not just any personal fashion statement; instead it’s an uprising against cheap labour and dismal working conditions.

Support CRU London’s noble cause and passion and experience a product like no other.

Experience a bag that tells a story, a story of love and life.

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