Reflection and Expectations. How far have we come and what do we expect from 2016?

At this time of year it’s common to want to start afresh and become a better version of ourselves. That not only applies to our personal lives but certainly within business, perhaps even more given the pressures to improve efficiency at work. We put pressure on ourselves to climb the career ladder in record time, whether we enjoy our work or not. We come up with strict new diet regimes to get us into tip-top shape by summer. We’re chronically dissatisfied and always after more, better, faster. Sound familiar?

Whilst it’s all fine and well to want to improve and fulfil your potential, our team at CRU London feels it’s important to take stock of what you have already achieved, discovered and enjoyed over the past year and don’t simply take it for granted. Stop. Take notice of last years goals and aspirations, the successes and failures and be thankful.

That’s exactly what our team decided to do, especially given that we’re approaching a very special date soon: CRU London’s first birthday. In February, it’s one year since we opened our doors (so to speak!) to our collection.

Back in February we launched our signature leather collection with only four designs; one backpack, two totes and one crossover. At the time we only had our signature caramel leather running throughout which has since been extended to include an alternative colour option; black. Although we plan to maintain our caramel range as the core of CRU, it’s fair to say black will become our number two with future designs. Make sure to keep an eye out!

We’re thankful to have rapidly climbed the ranks over the year, gaining a strong following online by collaborating with a range of fashion influentials/bloggers and building trust and credibility through their reviews. Make sure to check out our ‘Featured In’ page for a small selection of the collaborations and reviews received on our collection to date. The styles of A Clothes Horse, Sara Waiste and Led By Lucy (to a name a few!) are certainly super inspiring.

By August we released our AW15 collection and showcased at our first fashion trade show Pure London, effectively extending the range by eight more designs to include another backpack, a range of totes, crossovers and the extremely popular Appleby Bucket bag. This design has been a frontrunner and we are proud to have collaborated with ASOS Vintage Stylist Sara Waiste on a feature where she showed off its true beauty and charm with pride.

Another strong favourite has been our classic and practical Gordon backpack which has been selling like hotcakes. It’s the epitome of elegance and understated design and places CRU’s artisan craftsmanship and premium leather in the best possible light.

There are so many other developments that we look back on with a great sense of achievement, but to keep it short, the highlight towards the end of the year came when we launched our collection in Wolf & Badger’s Notting Hill boutique.

It’s been wonderful to be showcased amongst an inspiring range of alternative, niche designers, whilst receiving amazing feedback from customers. They absolutely love the leather and our backpacks have been doing exceedingly well.

Who knows what other great achievements we’ll have to look back on in one year’s time?

We’ll try our very best, but beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see. Time will tell.

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