BREAKING INTO FASHION: Join our Creative Director & Co-founder Thursday 28th July alongside three other emerging designers for an insightful evening discussing the difficulties faced by new designers in an overcrowded marketplace.

We are very excited to announce that our Creative Director & Co-founder, Petru van der Walt, will be speaking as part of four designer panellists around the topic of ‘Breaking into Fashion’ on Thursday 28th July at the Google Campus London. They will discuss the challenges experienced by most emerging designers during the early stages of setting up a new fashion label and the common hurdles, they themselves, have overcome and learnt from since launching.

The event is to be hosted by online marketplace , one of CRU London’s stockists, and will aim to shed light on the challenges faced by many new designers in an overwhelmingly saturated market where even the most talented designers struggle to gain the necessary visibility to succeed.

Tarlee was founded around the basis of developing an easy to use platform to bring hard-to-find, distinctive designers to the forefront of fashion rather than being forced to hide in the shadows of high-street retail giants. It therefore is an invaluable platform for emerging designers such as ourselves and also for the fashion conscious consumer looking for something a bit more unusual.

Speaking alongside designers of labels Black & Sigi, Lily & Carter and Draper’s Awards Shortlisted Niche Label of the Year, Daughter of Jon, CRU’s co-founder will aim to discuss and give her insights on the role of marketing and PR to gain the necessary brand visibility, keeping production costs in check, developing distribution channels and touching on sustainability and ethical concerns.

For further information visit Tarlee’s website for the full programme

Attendance is free and tickets can be reserved using the link on Tarlee’s page.

If you experience any problems, please contact us directly and we may be able to make arrangements for tickets as we’re expected to have a full-house as it stands.

Hope to see you there!

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