CRU London proudly offers leather and cotton canvas accessories unfazed by seasonal trends. Instead it focuses on timeless and functional designs, creating bags that easily blend from one season to another and offer hardwearing quality so that they may be passed down from one generation to the next, carrying with it the character of many good trips.

The vision behind CRU was born after a spontaneous visit to an artisan workshop in rural Portugal; a mere visit between long lost friends.

The founders, Londoners Petru and Tiago, were regular travellers between London and Lisbon so what started out as one bespoke travel bag evolved into an opportunity to create a fully-fledged leather collection whereby local know-how could be fused with British design talent. They saw it as a chance to integrate the strengths of two very different cultures to create a unique, authentic product and not only boost their own livelihoods, but an entire community of leatherworkers.
Petru and Tiago fell in love with the raw, authentic nature of the leather skin used on that very first bag, so much so that they decided to name the label CRU, meaning ‘raw’ in Portuguese, to act as a reminder of what distinct quality inspired this unimaginable journey.

Since its launch in 2015, the collection has evolved from a set of four tan leather bags to well over twenty designs which now bring together an eclectic mix of materials as well as the addition of a small Men’s collection.

Each season the founders look back and realise what a steep learning curve it’s been and just how much the label and collection has evolved, yet again. Whilst colour palettes and designs will no doubt shift with time, one key idea will remain;

CRU’s core belief for good quality and fair production: “One bag at a time, each truly exceptional”.